Form problems submitting

My Forms are not submitting anymore, and have with delays and inconsistently.

I have gone back and recreated the most basic form element and only changed the email field to a plain text field. Form has a name and ID, spam filter and rechaptcha is off.
I dont recieve any submissions anymore. Cleared Form data so I have 50 forms left.
Error message doesnt tell me anything.
Any ideas on what could cause a form to not submit at all.
I dont need to recieve an email, but cant see any submissions in webflow backend either.
I used the same setup to create a Zap a week ago, which has worked and stopped working randomly.
Now without Zapier i dont get anymore form submission not even of the most basic kind.
Are webflow forms reliable?
thanks for any direction

Are you using a starter plan?
If so, the submission limit is 50 lifetime.

IIRC when you hit that limit yes, it just stops sending, and the error state appears on your webpage when a submit is attempted.

I don’t remember any obvious note in the site settings Forms tab saying you’ve hit your limit but it may have been added.

Oh ok well I already had deleted the submissions made so far.
It shows me now on the starter plan (freelancer workspace) that
“0/50 form submissions received this month (ending November 30, 2023) on Staged Hosting.”
You say it is lifetime?

Any other possibilities the form submission could have problems?
Any way to read the error message?


Yes check the plans link above, 50 lifetime submissions.
You can’t delete entries to allow more.

There is no error message, Webflow doesn’t have a messaging system. It just displays an error form state with whatever message you created.

You might be able to see something if you dug into the developer console and tried to see the form response directly.