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Unable to style Rich Text : where is the nesting control?

Hello all,
I am unable to style Rich Text on my site. To start:

  1. I add the Rich Text blcok to the page
  2. I name the rich text block
  3. I select an element inside the rich text (say h3) to style it. However, i do not see the “nest selector inside of…” control.
  4. In the styling tab, i do not see the 'Rich Text block name that i just gave to the parent in the first step…so i am unable to control the elements. Therefore i am unable to move forward.

Here is my public share link:
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Do you choose all H3 headings and then press ‘nest selector inside of …’

Thats what i am trying to do, but no matter what element i select inside the rich text block, i do not see the “Nest Selector” control. What is odd is that when i select the body copy in the placeholder text and try to change its style, the H4 subheads get changed?

Here is a screencast video of what i am dealing with and trying to do. Ignore the last several seconds.

Dropbox link.

To style the parts within the rich text block, you don’t do it while editing the text.

Once you’ve finished editing your rich text you should click out of the block to finish the editing.
Then as your mouse moves over the rich text block it should highlight heading and paragraphs with a blue box just like all other elements.
Click on a paragraph once to select it, go to the styles tab, select all paragraphs, and the option should be there.

Hopefully that made sense.

See here

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Krubens, Oramsdesign,
Thank you!! That worked! I was confusing myself based on this Webflow video,
where they did not have to select the “All H4” tag. It appears that the “All xx” tag in that video is automagically selected whenever they select a text block.

Thank you again!

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