No nest selector button

Hi! I’m not able to edit the font of a link inside a paragraph giving it a class, and nest that class inside another class. The nest selector button doesn’t appear.
My intention was to edit the links font from a collection, so I’ve created a static text block with the same class as the collection block, and now I’m trying to create the link class nested inside that text block, but am unable to find that selector after selecting the link span
Thank you!

Its hard to understand the problem (This is a story - not Q :slight_smile: )

Read more about this issue (If this don’t solve your problem add more details - maybe screenshot with the result you want)

On Webflow you create nesting only from rich-text block (To style all P inside “.parent” to be with red color) - if this is what you mean.



.parent p {
    color: red;

Now if I create div with .parent class - any p inside will be red (If you don’t add any other more specific styles). On webflow - this trick not so usefull for “regular” (not rich-text) elements -

Try to use combo classes

Thank you so much! It works! I thought i could nest properties inside a plain text block. Now it works, only withg rich text. Makes sense… :blush: