Unable to set width for custom code input field

Hey, I’m trying to set width for custom code date field but it’s not working.

Here is what I did, I created an input field in webflow and added a class for it then added width style to 100% and I have used the same class for the data picker in custom code but if you see the image below the input field style works well but for data field those styles are not applying (I mean just the width property is not working).

For understanding I have kept both fields 1st one is custom code and 2nd one is the field I have applied the styling

Read only link - Webflow - Instinct

Hey SRT,

To help you figure this out, We actually need to see the field functioning on a published page, in an accessible place. I found the jobs page on your staging site, but your form has the date field buried.


If you create a /test page, drop the fields there, publish to staging, we can help you diagnose the problem.

Hey @memetican Thanks for reply.

I found the solution, it was causing due to flex box align which I left aligned them in parent element, now I made it to stretch it works perfect.