Can't change figure/image width in Rich Text Element

Good morning, fellow Webflow de(v)signers!

I am currently trying to style the Rich Text Element formatting for my site’s blog function. All was working fine until I got to styling the images. When I go to the “figure” or “image” elements, it will let me change the width, but it doesn’t actually show up in the designer or on the live site. That tells me that something is likely conflicting somewhere, or I am just doing something wrong (though I don’t think that’s the case).

Have any of you experienced this before? If so, please let me know how you fixed it. Thanks!

Here is my site Read-Only:

Hello @TylerCourts I’m not sure if you’re able to fully customize this width, but you can make it full width from the rich text editor itself. @PixelGeek would you be able to help with this :slight_smile: