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Field class doesn't apply / custom code dont respect the column width

I get stucked here, someone can help me please?

I had a custom code for the datepicker, but he can’t respect my column and i don’t know how to adjust.
I don’t like so much the css from datepicker, but he do the work.

My placeholder text don’t use the body or class atributes, and stay grey, how can i solve this?

Thanks guys!

Add: style="width: 100%;" to it :)

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Thanks Bartekkustra!

Someone knows why my fields doesn’t respect the class? Its very annoying the color, size and font of the field.

tks in advance!


Notice how Webflow adds his 12px padding to your field automaticaly. Unfortunately the html embed doesn’t use Webflow automatic values so you need to change them by hand. Select your field class object and set it’s padding-left and padding-right to 12px.

The last two tabs:

Are different color because previous input fields are… well… input fields with a placeholder which by default is gray. Search this forum to see how to change placeholder color to desired one. Notice that once you type something color is as you set.

If you want last 2 tabs to be that grey color as well (not a good idea) then add another subclass to them and style accordingly.

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