Form Formatting

I have used the generic contact us page but when published the form is not usable. I cannot seem to find the issue. I even changed the width to 100% and it still did not help. I am assuming it is a general setting that is effecting them as this happens to forms on other pages. I just cannot seem to know where to look. I have found it in Inspector but do not know how to change this in Webflow.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - ripplesearch

You have custom CSS within your project settings that is setting the input elements width to 0 px. Get rid of it or make it bigger and you won’t have this issue.

Thanks for the response.
How do I edit custom CSS?
As I cannot find this particular one called input.

When I look at what it is inherating it shows the others are marked out and only these are used.

For anyone else having the same problem, you cannot access the Custom CSS files in the editor. Have to go to the project settings in the dashboard. I dont remember adding in the CSS here but there it was with other things.