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Unable to select the parent class in combo class, at sub-desktop breakpoints

Hey guys, It looks like in the current designer build, I’m not able to select base classes in a combo class, while I’m at a sub-desktop breakpoint.

So for example in this screenshot, I cannot select “Hero Section” @ Tablet breakpoint. I’m certain this was possible before, so I’m a bit baffled.


Is there a different way to change the selected part of a comboclass e.g. by hotkey combination?

Example scenario-


  • I have a Hero section on all page of my site
  • The section has a base class of “Hero Section”
  • Each individual hero has a different subclass, e.g. “About”, to handle the different background image


  1. At the desktop breakpoint, hero height (all pages) is 400px
  2. At lower breakpoints, I need to adjust that.

However, at e.g. Tablet breakpoint, I cannot specify the selector “Hero Section” without forcing it to change back to Desktop breakpoint ( see above screenshot ). Which is not the one I need to edit.

Yes there’s a workaround, of duplicating the hero section, removing the subclass, and then adjusting the settings, and deleting the duplicate section. But it’s not optimal since I can’t see my actual layout properly with the adjacent sections in place, and these extra steps shouldn’t be needed.


Yeah, I’ve noticed this behavior as well and it’s kind of annoying. You have to remove the combo class, then go to the breakpoint and modify the style then you can re add the combo class.

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Yeah, in my situation I couldn’t do that, because the subclass adds styling that I need to see the combined impact of, while I’m adjusting the parent class.

The weird thing is that I am certain that the class selector used to do this right, providing access to-

  1. all of the higher-level breakpoints at the full class combination (only), and
  2. all of the multi-class “layers” at the current breakpoint.

e.g. If I’m working at Mobile Portrait breakpoint, on an item which has a multi-class of Class1 Class2 Class3, I’d see-

[Desktop] Class1 Class2 Class3
[Tablet] Class1 Class2 Class3
[Mobile Landscape] Class1 Class2 Class3
[Mobile Portrait] Class1
[Mobile Portrait] Class1 Class2
[Mobile Portrait] Class1 Class2 Class3

That worked great, and only broke down in a few places like styling inside the hamburger nav.

In my current situation,
[Tablet] Hero Section is missing
and [Desktop] Hero Section is not needed. I would just switch to desktop view first.

I’m pretty sure a bug was introduced in a recent update, rather than an intentional feature nerf.


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Facing issues with this as well! Could use a fix or solution.