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Editing top class when in tablet view or below? Maybe this is a bug

If I am editing an element with nested classes and am in tablet view or below, the viewport reverts to desktop mode if I choose a higher selector. This makes it impossible to do some edits within Webflow. Is there a way around this?


I hate this bug too… You can simply remove the nested class and make a change on parent class. Then you just add that nested class back. You can always create some global classes and use them within website like .marbot30 for margin-bottom: 30px or .blue for blur color of font etc :wink:

I just figured out a simple workaround. Select the class you want while in desktop view and THEN select the mobile viewport. The selected class sticks so you can edit. Surprised I didn’t realize this before smile

Just in case someone wants to know how @MikeStvnsn did this.

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Thanks, but I removed that post because it only worked in an isolated case. I tried to do it again and was not successful.

Watching this. I find it frustrating, as well.

me too, but there is an easier work around that deleting and re-adding classes:

  • add an empty div (temporarily) to the page and assign the parent class
  • iterate through each device tab and tweak any value (triggering the blue highlight)
  • delete the temporary div

Now that parent class is available in the selector for each device in isolation from any child or stacked global. Still a bit of a work around, but a relatively easy one.

I was just about to report this issue when I noticed it had been listed already. It is very frustrating. :frowning:

PS: Actually the way combo classes are implemented (or their very nature?) is very inconvenient. It is so easy to forget to switch to the top class when you have to change something in it. You apply the change on the combo class instead and discover this much later, when things have really messed up :frowning: