Editing a sub class within specific breakpoint

In the following scenario I run into a problem.

I have a class that I apply to four elements, let’s call this class the COMMON CLASS, I then apply another four classes (I think it’s called a combo class) on top of one of the four elements individually (so each of the four elements now has a class specific to that element and share a lower down COMMON CLASS)

Now when I’m setting up css for a mobile breakpoint I switch to the mobile view, I then click on one of the four elements, editing it’s values will apply the changes only to that indiviual object since it has it’s own class, what I want is to edit the CSS of the COMMON CLASS so I click on the icon on the right of the class selector to select the COMMON CLASS. I would expect at this stage to be able to edit the common class for that specific breakpoint, instead, however, I get bumped up to the desktop breakpoint with no way (that I know of) of setting an indivual value to the COMMON CLASS at any breakpoint othen than desktop.

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Hi @Wouter_Schreuders

Thanks so much for posting about this.

This is known behavior based on how CSS classes and media queries currently work in the Designer. However, we currently have an internal enhancement request to change this behavior and allow for selecting the first class while on mobile breakpoints.

I don’t have a time frame as to when this update will be shipped. For now, the workaround would be to delete the combo classes from the element. Then style the parent selector as needed, and re-add the combo classes.

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Or just duplicate the item (as a temporary 5th element), remove it’s combo class and then do your edits. After that your can delete this one and you’re done


yeah that’s how I ended up doing it. Good to know it’s the official hack :stuck_out_tongue:

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Ah, that’s clever, will try that!

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