Unable to get collections to work (no fields)

To me it seems like I try to follow the tutorial for lightbox and dynamic connect but all I get is this no fields to connect to error.


screen recording

share link

please post a readonly link to check out your project in more details…


you need to connect your collection wrapper to the multi-image field not to the main collection…

here is a little video I made to show you…

Thanks, I was stuck.

sorry just posted a wrong link - here is the correct one

Still cant get it to work

did you follow all the steps in the video? - it worked when I was editing your page… make sure to follow every step!

Step 2 and im right back to no items again.

you seem to have deleted the items that you had before (the collection etc) from the collection page - are you doing it with the embed and js now? did you get it to work?