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CMS Images Broken

Hi - I am trying to use a field with CMS for multiple images. It appears to be completely broken. The other text fields are pulling in, but I cannot find any images fields to pull into the page. Please advise ASAP.

Sorry to hear your having trouble pulling in the CMS images.

Can you please include your read-only link so I can take a look into it?

Hi Mike, thank you. Here’s the read only link. I’ve tried resetting by building a whole new CMS category, but still having trouble getting images to show up in the light box. Text fields are still working though.

Hmm, I’m still a bit confused as to exact desired outcome but in order to link these images together you’ll need to include them within a Lightbox element as opposed to a normal Image block:


Once they are all within a Lightbox, select the option in each to “Link with other lightboxes” and give them all the same group name:


In order to get the multi-image field content to show up, you actually need to use a separate nested collection element. The standard image block reference is limited to a single image field only and since all of your single image fields in the collection items are empty, it’s not showing any available fields to link to.

There is a good walk through here that covers adding multi-image fields to product pages, along with linking them all within a Lightbox, so I’d recommend reviewing that for the steps needed to get it working on your project.

All that said, I’d recommend trying out some different organization techniques with your CMS collections that may help you in the long run. Using single and multi-reference fields to relate not only your co-benefit images, but also things like location, can cut down time updating these fields down the road and allow you to relate multiple pieces of information in a more logical way.

Let me know if you have any questions and I’ll do my best to help out as needed :v:

Hi apologies, I think I sent the wrong link here. The page I am working with the CMS is here. The images are hard coded now, but I want them to be pulling from the CMS; however, when I try to use the Lightbox to do this, it does not show any available fields from my CMS. There should be two multi-image fields available for me to pull in images.

Thanks for the updated link. Did you get a chance to take a look at the link above for adding multi-image fields?

Basically you’ll need to use a collection list, attach that to the multi-image field, and then include an image (or lightbox) element for each of those collection items which can reference the individual images.

Since multi-image fields contain a dynamic amount of content, they can’t be mapped to a single image element like a normal image field.

Yes, I did add multi-image fields, still no content pulling in unfortunately. I used a lightbox.

It looks like your making some changes so I can’t use your specific example, however I recorded a quick video illustrating how to get those added: