Unable to edit embed code; Working OK after site project reload

Just as the subject says. I put in the embed code and it simply doesn’t show up. I have successfully used embeds on other pages, so I’m not new to it. This simply is not working.


The embed container shows up but it is absolutely empty.


Navigate to the “Forum” page.

On another note. Does anyone know of a good low-cost (free is preferred) embeddable forum that will work with Webflow? This is critical for this project and if I can’t do it, I’ll have to go off Webflow for it.

Never mind. This was a bug, but it had nothing to do with the embed.

It seems like projects get corrupted or something on Webflow’s end, and certain things will just not work (like embeds) until you close and re-open the project.

Very frustrating.

Hi @Cricitem, thanks for reporting the issue. It may be true that the embed code used may not run on the Webflow hosted site, it depends on the custom code being used.

When I looked at the site: http://adventure-with-us.webflow.io/forum

I could see the forum (apparently):

I took a look and did not see any console errors.

Custom embed code only shows on the published site, not in the designer. If there is some issue, please let me know, I am happy to check further.

I understand the embed code doesn’t show in the designer. What happened is that as I was working on the project, it got corrupted somehow (or something) and I was unable to actually update what was IN the embed. It would act as if it had updated the content in the designer but when I published it, there was nothing in the embed container.

It only started working again after I closed and re-opened the project in the designer. After that, I was able to change the embed code and it worked properly.

Hi @Cricitem, thanks so much for getting back to me. I understand and I am sorry for the trouble. I will try to reproduce this. Was there any particular kind of code you were using with the embed?

If you want to share that with me either here on the post or in private PM, that would help me to understand more and try to find the root cause.

If the issue happens again, send an email to support@webflow.com. If I find anything new, I will post back here on the post.

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