Resolved: Embed Stopped working on page with show hide interaction

I’m putting in the bugs category because it was working perfectly and randomly stopped with no changes made on our end. I’m using the exact same embed code on the events page template and it’s showing up. Just not the in the kiosk page anymore. The only difference I can see is that it is hidden inside of a div until click to show is activated. (this is the one not working) (an example of a page with the exact same embed code.

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Hi @pixelsock

Are you referring to the contact form inside the embed? It’s showing up and appears to be working as expected on the live site on this end:

It’s expected behavior for the custom code in your embed not to show in preview mode though, as custom code typically doesn’t render in preview mode – only on the published live site.

That said, I may be misunderstanding the what you mean by the Embed stopped working. If I have can you please provide more details? What is the expected behavior? What is it doing instead?

Thanks in advance.

This is the one. @Brando I didn’t change anything at all on my end, but the form wasn’t showing on the live site. It seems to be working now though. Tell the the little webflow elves I said thanks for fixing it.

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