Unable to delete collections

I am trying to remove CMS collections from a clients site before launch but am being greeted with “Cannot delete this collection as it is used in bindings” also when trying to delete certain fields from collections I get this message “This field is currently used in Dynamic Template Settings. To delete this field, you’ll need to remove any references to it first.” Have deleted the CMS elements from across the site and have also done the technique I have seen where people save it and refresh but no luck. I think I saw some people got their pages hard refreshed by the admin team - is anyone able to help me with this?

Before being able to delete a collection, delete all bindings of purple elements in the Designer
– in the viewport: template page elements, and Collection Lists elements in static pages: all link settings must be turned to none
– in the Settings tab: elements can be bound to the Collection by a background image, a background color, a text color or a border color

– in the Page settings: SEO, OG and RSS can be bound to the Collection fields

– inside of every block of custom code (inside of a Collection List on static pages, or anywhere in a Template page)

– How to browse all elements in the Navigator to spot purple ones? In the Navigator tab, select the Body element, keep Alt pressed while you press Arrow Down as many times as needed to browse all element. This will unfold the complete tree view of your site.

– pay attention to the error message, they sometimes contain clues to where a binding is conflicting
– if you ever run into a case where you think all the bindings are deleted, but they are not, try to do a full version save of the site, by pressing cmd+shift+s in Mac or ctrl-shift-s in Windows. If that does not allow you to delete the collection element(s) then send an email to support@webflow.com.


Thanks for the help - still no luck though!

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Contacted the webflow team and was solved privately and quickly - thanks to Micah for the amazing customer service!

That’s nice! But I’m going to have to forfeit a day’s productivity to wait for support to wake up.

Wake up Webflow you have international customers. Get a support team in the Philippines and India so your customers can keep working when you are asleep.

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Could you update us on what you had to do to fix this?

There is a new feature that will help you.

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Used the feature. Window literally says “No connections
DELETE ME NOW is not being used in any Collection Lists or Collection Template Pages.”

Still cannot delete it. Now what!?

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Same problem as above! I HAVE DELETED EVERY SINGLE GODDAMN REFERENCE AND STILL GET “This field is currently used in Dynamic Template Settings. To delete this field, you’ll need to remove any references to it first.”

WHERE THE HELL IS “Dynamic Template Settings” IN THE FIRST PLACE???

:rage: :rage: :rage:

@y318 - While venting may help you feel better leaving a link to your read-only project might actually get you some help. Happy to take a look if you do.