Cannot Delete CMS Collection Pages

Hello all. I have read so many reports like this, and I emailed support, but I cannot get an answer. These screenshots basically explain everything. I can’t delete the items in one of the collections/can’t delete the collections in general. There is no purple text being used in the navigator. I’ve refreshed and done everything I could think of.
Would appreciate any help!
Thanks so much!

Screenshot_2 Capture3

Here is my site Read-Only:

Hi @paigehuh

Thanks for posting about this. We received and replied to your email, but I wanted to respond here as well.

It can definitely be tricky to find and delete all CMS bindings, but we are happy to help.

You can delete both collections with these steps:

  1. Delete reference field
  2. Delete “Music Tracks” Collection
  3. Delete “Hellos” collection items:
  4. Delete “Hellos” Collection

I’ve also performed a refresh of your project from my end just in case. I hope this helps and if you run into this issue in the future don’t hesitate to contact us directly:

Screenshot_9 Screenshot_10
Just sent this in another email as well, but I tried to delete the refrence field but I am getting the first error. Then I went to try and delete the collection items and get the second error.

– Before being able to delete a collection, delete all bindings of purple elements in the Designer

– in the viewport: template page elements, and Collection Lists elements in static pages: all link settings must be turned to none

– in the Settings tab: elements can be bound to the Collection by a background image, a background color, a text color or a border color

– in the Page settings: SEO, OG and RSS can be bound to the Collection fields

– inside of every block of custom code (inside of a Collection List on static pages, or anywhere in a Template page)

– How to browse all elements in the Navigator to spot purple ones? In the Navigator tab, select the Body element, keep Alt pressed while you press Arrow Down as many times as needed to browse all element. This will unfold the complete tree view of your site.

– pay attention to the error message, they sometimes contain clues to where a binding is conflicting

– if you ever run into a case where you think all the bindings are deleted, but they are not, try to do a full version save of the site, by pressing cmd+shift+s in Mac or ctrl-shift-s in Windows. If that does not allow you to delete the collection element(s) then send an email to

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Hi Vincent & Brando!

Let me clarify, I absolutely cannot delete these items. It will not let me, I sent in a follow-up email to support, they also gave me the exact same answers.

Brando, following your help I attempted to delete the “Album” but it refused to, tried several times, tried linking it to different collections and deleting it. Nothing worked, same problem on the other collections.

Nothing has changed after the hard refresh.

Vincent, I followed everything you said as well, to no avail. I have no instances of CMS collections anywhere in the project. Searched everything without even so much as a hint of CMS.

Not sure if this is relevant information but this website started being built off of a template, I did not make any of these collections. I just want to delete them and get the basic hosting.

Please let me know if you have any other solutions.

I emailed you back, @paigehuh

It looks like the hard refresh didn’t work earlier, but It should be good to go now.

Can you try deleting those once more?

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