Can't delete CMS collections

I have deleted every single cms linked item on my site but i still can’t delete my cms collections for blog and team members. I try to delete author on blog so i can delete team members since its being referenced but then it say s it being used by collection pages. I’m so frustrated and this is my firs time on here so idk if i used the correct link, please help. thanks

when i go to delete the blog collection this is themessage i get “Conflict with server data: This collection has fields used by either a Collection List on the site or inside a Collection Page and cannot be deleted. Use the View Connections modal to easily locate and remove these connections.”

Here is my public share link: [LINK](Webflow - AR Advertizing)
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What do you see when you follow those instructions?

You may have a dependency like a CMS bound custom attribute, or a filter setting. Most often CMS bound elements show as purple, but not always.

Inside your Blog collection you might also edit it to delete the Team ref.

When i go to delete the “author” on my blog (that’s the part being referenced) it tells me i cant because This field can’t be deleted because it’s being used by Collection lists or Collection pages.

also when i follow the instructions this is what it tells me : Here’s where your site uses this Field. You can remove any connections you need to, but note that this may affect your visual design and code embeds. It also can’t be undone, short of restoring a backup.

Remove those connections.

There is none… I’ve checked as many things as i can possibly think of including the little view connections button

Have you contacted Webflow’s support dept yet?
At this point that’s likely your best approach.


Thanks for the laugh. I am an agency owner, with zero connection to Webflow. It’s just one of many tools we use.

I’m not sure how your thread switch from “how do I delete my collections” to conspiracy theories, but it doesn’t matter. Whether you’re trying to fix your problem or give feedback to the Webflow team about their platform- contact their support dept.

Or maybe you can reach them on Twitter?

A lot of community members here like to help. For me, it’s an enjoyable coffee break between meetings and dev work, and it’s become a habit since last Nov when I discovered that most of the people here are pretty cool to chat with.

Can’t say if Webflow was better before 2018, I hadn’t even heard of it before then.

Your messages are confusing, and I suspect that English may not be your first language, so let me be clear again- I do not work for Webflow. I do not represent Webflow. I did not fund Webflow’s VC rounds.

If you have something you think is broken or that you’d like to see them improve, that’s what support and the wishlist are for. I use both of them often, and Webflow’s support has been really good when I need them.

Good luck.