Typography Styles fallback to Arial after changing

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Not sure how to go about this one - but I’m having a crack for the first time at using a bit of client-first from finsweet to build out a client website. Though have run into some issues with typography.

I set up my typography styles, h1,h2…paragraphs etc. Started to layout a section, everything looked fine - then I published, and noticed that the type has fallen back to Arial bold etc.

I went back to check, everything looked looked fine in the designer. Then I closed my browser (had to work on something else). I then went back into the designer and the typography styles had also fallen back to Arial by themselves.

This is continuing to happen and not sure what it is that could be causing the fonts to fall back.

Incase it falls back to Arial when you open the read-only a screenshot to show how it is supposed to look;

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Facing the same problem, I just developed a landing page, and when I published it, none of the typography styles I applied were there, I can’t even change the font family, something wrong with webflow


Oh just posted the same problem.
Root classes css don’t get to be saved.

I have come across the same issue. New fonts are displayed on the Webflow canvas but once the page is refreshed they are reverted. Only Arial is published to the live site.

I have tried using Google Fonts and uploading custom fonts.


For me - I found that it was something in the stylesheet that was not having a great time. I fixed it by creating a new site and redoing the stylesheet and then bringing parts of the old site over.

Hi there,
this the email that i received from support team regarding the style tags

Hi there,

This is Matthew with Webflow Technical Customer Support. Thank you for writing in about the global styles not updating. I’m happy to help!

I’m afraid that this is caused by a currently known issue that our Engineers are working to resolve, in which changes are not being correctly saved to the All style tags (such as Body (All Pages) , All H1 Headings , All paragraphs etc).

With this in mind, the best workaround would be to apply a specific Class to the affected elements: Classes | Webflow University :arrow_upper_right:

You can also read more about style inheritance here: Text style inheritance overview | Webflow University :arrow_upper_right:

Thankfully, we have found that this issue is only affecting certain projects, so it’s likely that this behavior will not be present across all of the projects you are currently working on. And while we unfortunately do not yet have a concrete timeframe that we can share regarding when this issue will be fixed, I have ensured that your email is linked up to our report - so we will keep you updated on any progress that we make (including potential workarounds).

Thank you for your patience and understanding, and please do not hesitate to let me know if you have any additional questions - I’d be happy to help.

Kind regards,