Published font suddenly changed

I’m the owner of a webflow published website, have made no changes but noticed a couple of weeks ago the fonts changed all over the site. All I can say is my site has gone from one with beautiful appropriate fonts to really basic-looking ones on all titles, header paragraphs and full screen menu options. I can’t see any difference in the main copy.

Did something happen on webflow I should know about? How can I get my fonts back?


To help you efficiently, we need your site’s public read-only link. Do you mind sharing it please? Here are two methods to generate it.

1 - From the Designer, top right button. This is the recommended way as it will link directly to the page you’re on.

2 - From your site’s Settings panel:

Once generated and copied, come back here to paste the link.

Thanks in advance.

There are some sensitivities around this, so I’d appreciate some help without doing that. Do you have any pointers as to what has happened?