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Typekit fonts not showing up on exported site?


I recently finished a project for a client, saved the published version of the site and then exported it to upload for them. However, now that it’s uploaded, it doesn’t appear to be loading any of the fonts properly from typekit. If you inspect the site, the code shows the font names correctly – so it SHOULD be loading them, but it is not.

The fonts work in the webflow designer and in the published site on webflow, but not on the exported version. Is there a step I’m forgetting to do? Or something I’m missing?

The live site is:

The webflow project is:
Read-only project:

Check typekit settings, you need to whitelist domains…

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In Typekit? I’m not sure where that is. Looking in account settings…

Nevermind, I found that place. I’m updating it – though the domain was in there. Thank you, hoping this works.

No, not in account settings. It’s for each bundle. So the bundle you selected for this particular project, you need to add the domain name to the bundle settings in typekit.

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Got it! Fixed! Thank you! I knew it had to be something simple I overlooked…

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