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Typekit API not recognized

I’m having an issue getting Typekit to work with Webflow at all. I have kits published, and a Typekit API generated and entered in the general Webflow settings. Have also entered as an allowed domain for the kits.

However, when I go to a particular site’s font settings and look for kits, it still says I need to link an Typekit API. Has anyone else had this issue?

Hey @Kirill_Kat try to remove your API key in your account settings > integrations page, then click Save Changes. Then add it again and click Save Changes again. Let me know if that helps.

Also this is a little tip for when you update your kit: top make the Typekit servers update their servers faster, you can rearrange the subdomains in the kit settings. So if it’s “,”, switch it to “,” and republish.

@thesergie, i cant also find fonts in design mode, what is the right process to go through

Hi @thesergie, it didn’t help I’m afraid.

@thesergie still not able to use my typekit…Help please

@dannesh and @Kirill_Kat Sorry you’re running into this. Haven’t seen this before. It says for both of you that you don’t have an API key set up even though you have it saved in your account settings?

@thesergie how do we fix that

Hi @thesergie, yeah, that’s right. That API should be saved and everything should work, but it insists there’s no API saved :frowning: Have tried clearing it and re-entering, but to no avail.

Thanks for your patience @dannesh and @Kirill_Kat we’re looking into what may be causing this.

Please shoot an email over to support[at] and I’d be happy to look into the issue further. Upon further testing, it looks like the blue warning message saying ‘you don’t have a Typekit API key set’ will appear if there is a slow connection with our servers, or if you have a very large number of kits in your account. Will try and improve this experience!

I am having the same issue. I am stuck “Loading kits from TypeKit …” with no success. I only have two fonts in my account so it’s not overcrowded. Any suggestions?