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Typed.js - is not working with me

I’m trying to use the Typed.js script in my site.

From what I understood, I needed to copy the code into my custom code space, and change the id of the element I want to use typed.js to “typed”.
But unfortunately it is not working…

Here’s the read-only link, I want to the word “word” to get typed.js-ed:

Hi @x27,

These two references:
<link src="js/typed.custom.js" type="text/javascript">
<script src="js/typed.custom.js" type="text/javascript"></script>
You have in your <head> tag are urls to no where. You need to find a cdn or a place to host the typed.custom.js file, and then reference to its url.

Thank you. I deleted them and used the CDN from the source. Still-- doesn’t work.

please share the published site

It seems like you have some kind of problem with the typed.js script.

Try reading the documentation more carefully and start again.

I did. I found this:
and checked his read-only file and copy-pasted it… nothing.

You should use unique #id - for each text element. In your case both text element with “#typed-2” id (So the code not working well ==> Throw errors).

	var typed = new Typed('#typed-text', {'
    /* of the code */
  	var typed2 = new Typed('#typed-2', {
    /* of the code */


Change one of the elements #id to typed-text to fix this issue.


Please mark as solution to close this topic. Thanks


Will be if/when the original post publisher confirms this is the solution… :slight_smile:

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