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Typer.js jQuery not working on Chrome

Hello Webflowers,

I’m using a jQuery plugin to make a typing animation (this one), and I got it to work, but only on Safari.

When I fired up the same website on Chrome, it just wouldn’t work! I’m sure I put in the code wrong somehow, because all other websites I see using the same code work on both Chrome and Safari.

Here’s a copy/paste of what’s in the footer code:

<script src="" type="text/javascript"></script>
            strings: ["Bush did 9/11.", "Boobytrap spelled backwards is partyboob.", "You get the point. This is working."],
            // typing speed, in milliseconds. The higher the number, the slower it gets
            typeSpeed: 10,
            // time before typing starts, also in milliseconds.
            startDelay: 200,

            // backspacing speed. Same as the typing speed.
            backSpeed: 10,
            // time before backspacing. In milliseconds.
            backDelay: 1500,
            // Do you want it to loop?
            loop: true,
            // How many times should it loop? (false = infinite)
            loopCount: false,
            // Show cursor?
            showCursor: false,
             // character for cursor
            cursorChar: "|",
            // attribute to type (null == text)
            attr: null,
            // either html or text
            contentType: 'html',
            // call a function when done
            callback: function() {},
            // starting callback function before each string
            preStringTyped: function() {},
            //callback for every typed string
            onStringTyped: function() {},
            // callback for reset
            resetCallback: function() {}

In case there’s nothing wrong with the code, but with the designer part (I don’t know why that would be the case) here’s the link to check out:

Thanks in advance!

It’s been a few days and no takers, but I cracked it.

I checked the code from Chrome and it’s not executing the javascript because…
“its MIME type (‘text/plain’) is not executable, and strict MIME type checking is enabled.”
This is apparently because Chrome blocks external code from running on a website because of security reasons. But it becomes a nuisance when you know that the source is trusted.

For anyone who runs into this problem, here’s the solution if you’re getting an external javascript code from github:
the script source address usually starts with or All you have to do is change the source address to, so it should look something like this:

<script src="" ...etc. Hope I help somebody out!

This topic might help:

It is different plugin with similar effect and it’s definitely works.

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I was able to get mine to work, but I tested out the one made by Sidney and it works too. Two solutions in the same day, nice. :smiley:

Thanks @sabanna!

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