Can't get typed.js working


I’ve been trying to get the typed.js script to work on a project. I can get a downloaded local version to do what I want, but my understanding is that because I can’t upload a script to Webflow (or can I?) I need to link to the source script. I’ve been through a lot of the links here but I can’t get any of the ‘source’ links to type.js to work. Here’s the link I’ve been trying, not sure why it doesn’t work


Can anybody that’s had success using this send me a link to a source that works please?


Hello @grantsenior

Here is a cloneable project

Hope it helps.

Thanks Aaron. I had looked at that but hadn’t tried cloning it. Just did and saw some things I didn’t notice before.


@grantsenior Mark @aaronocampo answer as “solved” answer to close this topic. Thanks!