Running two templates on same domain

I want to do the following for a client:

  1. Main webflow installation for a
  2. Webflow Job board installation on

Do I need two different plans for this if I am going to use two different templates can I run it on one plan? E.g. get the first template and website setup and then in another folder copy the job board template (job board x) and set that up?

If it’s one website, with one CMS, you can just build it that way and host it under one hosting plan. You can copy and paste styles and elements from multiple templates, but note that you’ll not have much fun with the class naming clutter.

Still, it will work fine.

I suppose the main website blog would be under Domain Blog | Domain, Website, and Ecommerce Tips for Small Businesses but the individual job listings would have to be under Does that mean I need two separate CMS?

Really not enough information to give you much advice. You’ll want to watch the videos on basic CMS capabilities in order to understand the basic pieces that you’re building your site with.

If this is Webflow-hosted, you it’s designed for only one CMS per site, so in a standard setup gets one CMS only. However that does not restrict you from having both job listings and a blog in that CMS.

Google “webflow cms” and watch the getting started tutorials, they’ll give you a much better idea of if/how you can accomplish your goals here.

Thanks man, much appreciated.