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Two Template Pages for One Collection

Hi everyone,

I can’t seem to find a workaround on a client project. On one project the client would like to use their CMS for external viewing and also have the same collection tied to an internal page for viewing inside the company, showing information that should not be viewable to visitors.

Is there anyway to have two CMS collection template pages tied to the same collection? One being password protected?

If I the only solution is 2 projects, what would be the best workflow to make sure both seperate data bases are in sync.

Thanks guys!

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Hi @clevy I have used on a project, to hide specific pages which are only visible to members / people who have signed up. It was really simple to do and works really well. Check it out, see if it has the features you’re looking to implement. Good luck.

Hi @Esteban thank you for your feedback. Would I be able to have one collection tied to a front facing collection template page and the same collection tied to a internal collection page template that has different content?

I wasn’t able to get clarity looking at