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Is it possible to password protect only one page out of a collection?

Hello friends!

I’m using a new template that utilizes CMS collection for the portfolio pages. I have two clients whose work needs to be under a password, but the other clients do not. I cannot figure out how to implement a password for these two pages. Any help is greatly appreciated!


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No that is not currently a feature.

@webdev Dang, that is really unfortunate. Is there a good way to make the template with the CMS content into separate pages so I can do that, or am I SOL?

You can have more than one collection for sure and it is possible (not without custom code) to combine the output of more than one collection list and display it as one list. So you could have a few records where the collection list was password protected, combined visually with another collection list, and achieve what your after. Take a look at for a script that can combine lists. Pretty sure you can achieve what you want.

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@webdev thank you so much!