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Two clicks to publish in editor

Tiny tweak suggestion: In the dashboard, clicking Publish immediately publishes the site. In the editor though, clicking Publish brings up what would seem to be a gratuitous dialog making you retarget and click again. Any reason we need that second one?


what if there was a check box in that modal that says something like “check this to immediately publish from now on” ?


I’ll add to this. When troubleshooting and publishing often, it becomes slightly annoying to see the drop down message cover my dashboard options for an indefinite amount of time. Would also like a permanent link to my published site without having to republish the link in order to see it!

Thanks for the feedback @Jonas76, @ramatsu, and @PixelGeek! We will improve our to make it more straightforward.


Hi @thesergie, just checking in on this. It’s soooo minor, but adds up after a few hundred publishes. I hope there isn’t an obstacle and that it might be a little tweak for someone between the giant feature adds you guys have been making…

The modal probably won’t go away as we’re going to be working on a publish to staging feature, which will allow you to choose whether you want to publish to your subdomain or your custom domain. Are you guys publishing often to see if the published code matches what shows up in the designer as a sanity check? Curious how people are using the publish and the reasons behind multiple publishes in a design session.

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Yeah, I basically never use the Preview feature because I’ve almost always got some custom js on the page that won’t display - so I publish and refresh in browser every time I need t look at my work, which is pretty constant.

It would be great if Preview was an actual web preview that parsed all the custom js as well. Then I’d only rarely need to publish during design, to reality check other browsers.

Barring that, I hope that the staging feature has a way to publish quickly, rather than adding another step to make that choice every time in the workflow.

I always have to click twice, then follow the link, the Cmd+R to refresh without the cache. I’d love for that to be only one click, even if I need to install a Chrome extension for that.

Site revisions and external js. And work on multiple layouts throughout the week.