Live Preview Button to Current Page

I’ve been using Webflow for about 3 years now and I love it. I think possibilities into the future are endless specially as a RAID tool for rich applications. So congratulations!

I noticed something that has been bothering me since very long time ago and has not been tackled yet. I assume many people may feel the same way.

Here’s my case:

When previewing pages we have the option to click on the Preview Eye or use the shortcut for that. However, many scripts and remote resources such as font icons are not visible through the previewer. For this reason many of us prefer to test directly on the published subdomain ( The problem with the publisher is that it only points to the home page and then you have to make your way around to get to the page you want to test.

When you have a project with dozens of folders and pages this is a waste of time and the only way to remember where you placed it is by accessing page from the left menu and going into the page details (cog) and look at the link which is also not linked to the exact page.(at least this should be linked to the exact page in question).

My suggestion is to place a button next to the preview button on the top right nav as well as another shortcut combination to open the current page on the published url.

This way you can either preview inside webflow and also test on the published url. Of course to make it more predictable and easy to implement this would be tested on the If possible at all you may want to enable the chance to open a second page with the custom domain as well. But that would more of plus.

Thank you in advance. I hope you consider my request. I am sure many people have hit this same wall.


That’s great! What do you think about this, too: Preview button next to the publish button? ?

Uzzer - By adding the button I am suggesting then they would have to move 2 buttons to the right :slight_smile: In such case I’d rather stick to preview on the left and publish on the right.

Nobody thinks having a straight quick link to view the page you are working on (other than the home page in publish mode) is a must have? How are you guys handling to get there quickly to speed test and iterate?

Yes, a preview link to the current page would be great. IN my option that could be beside the URL in the Publish panel. There is a link already, and instead of the homepage that could link to the current page that I’ve just published to.