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Small tweak to "Publish" menu


When you go to publish your Webflow site to a selected domain, Webflow shows a convenient box-arrow link to open your site in a new tab and quickly view your changes. Note the box-arrow icons I am referring to on the right:

When you click this it takes you to the home page of your site. It would be nice if another icon (or a profile setting that changes the preferred action of the box-arrow icon) were implemented that opens the current page you published from rather than home. I frequently publish my site and test it live, so this would speed up the process.

Other alternatives are to use the Toggle Preview feature (eyeball in upper left top bar of the designer) or to keep a specific page’s tab open and refresh that after publishing, so this idea might be in vain.



I agree it would be nice to go directly to the page I’m working on when I publish, although I’m not sure of the best UX to get that done.