Two 'add to cart' buttons on one product page

I’m deep into my first Webflow ecommerce site (meaning this is all new to me), and stuck on a bit of ‘add to cart’ functionality. I’ve created several different ecommerce study product pages, with all but one study having both a workbook and a teacher guide. Is it possible to have two ‘add to cart’ buttons – one that adds the workbook and one that adds the teacher guide? For the purchaser, this would be a better shopping experience than having to order from two separate pages.

Although I’ve researched, I haven’t found information that has led me to a workable solution yet. If you’re so inclined, take a look at the work-in-process link. I’d appreciate any thoughts and direction… thanks!

Sorry… added inventory so the ‘add to cart’ buttons appeared. Use the following updated link:

In case anyone else is trying to work through a similar issue that I outlined in the original post, I’ve discovered the solution. Quite simply, it’s taking advantage of the variants feature in the Ecommerce CMS. I admit to overthinking how to approach this challenge without first fully exploring the excellent Webflow video tutorials and documentation. In my case, time spent studying the features of the Ecommerce CMS and how to set them up properly made all the difference. Cheers!

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