Forcing a add to cart button for only one variant

I have a product page displaying my current product (of course). This page had a call to action page that was linked to a different page before we used web flow as the a ecommerce platform as well.

I had a buy now button that I wanted to just pick a default variant and add it to the card, but using webflow it seems the only way to link a product to a cart is with the “add to cart” button, which populates variant options as well.

Is there a way to link a regular button to a product + variant allowing it to be added to cart?

As you can see in the image, the left black button used to be just a simple BUY NOW button that linked to a specific product. But now with the ‘add to cart’ button it add options for varients etc.’

Hi @Robert_Ochinski – you have the exact same question as me – did you find a solution?


Hi @Robert_Ochinski and @doyourthing,

we’ve recently added two options:

  • Buy now button that skips cart and navigates to the checkout directly
  • option to pre-select default variant instead of a “Select [option_set_name]” placeholder

Please let me know if you have additional questions!