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[TUTORIAL] Run INSTANT Zaps/Scenarios using Airtable's New Automations Feature

The Problem

If you’re one of the power users who is utilizing Airtable as your Webflow CMS (fully or partially), you’ve probably run into inconveniences working around scheduling your syncs every 5 or 15 minutes. Maybe you’ve built a system for a client and you find yourself reminding them of this syncing schedule (I’m describing myself here).

A Solution

Airtable Automations, previously available only on Enterprise plans, has now started arriving on Pro plans, and it’s very exciting. By connecting its power with webhook triggers in Integromat (or Zapier), we can run Scenarios and Zaps instantly instead of being bound by the limits of regular scheduling. This will speed up your workflow drastically and also provide quick and helpful feedback for clients that the sync was successful.

Here’s the breakdown

  1. Airtable row is assigned a label, or is changed
  2. The label causes the row to be added to a filtered view
  3. This triggers the Airtable automation to run a script
  4. The script triggers the Integromat scenario to run
  5. When Integromat finishes, it updates the Airtable row which removes it from the filtered view

Read the full guide here: