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[Help] Can I use Zapier + Airtable + Webflow to submit forms with multi-references/references?

Hi all,

I’m building ‘reviews’ into my Webflow website.

I have everything setup perfectly, minus the account to which the reviews belong.

E.g. user A writes a review for user B.

In my reviews collection, I have a ‘review recipient’ reference - this references all members in my database. I wanted to use Zapier (or Integromat) to submit the form submission to Webflow CMS, including the review recipient reference so that I can have the reviews appear on the correct member profile. Everything works minus the reference field.

Is there any way to do this?

Hi @Lund_P :wave:

Yea… that’s totally doable. I have a screencast that walks through a very similar setup (using a “commenting system” as the example) but i use multi-reference fields in the exact way you’ve just described:

Let me know if you have any questions!

Awesome @ChrisDrit! I feel like I have this 99% setup for site reviews, but I’m receiving a validation error: "The app returned “ValidationError: Validation Failure”.

I followed @MackenzieChild’s video but my setup is slightly different.

I have:

  • Members
  • Reviews

Reviews belong to a member (reviews are a multi-reference field in the Member collection)

My ‘Find a Record’ step is finding the CMS ID instead of Memberstack ID. I tried using the Memberstack ID, but when I do my Custom Request in Zapier returns this error: "The app returned “CMS Item not found: 5f6b51bf1ef8360004f6e601”.

If I use the CMS ID, it seems to find the right CMS entry to ‘PATCH’. But a Validation Error is being received:

I think I need to check out the Postman video to see if my fields are taking a different name than expected.

I’ve double-checked that the CMS ID is correct in Webflow, plus it’s correctly adding a ‘review’ to the user in Airtable.

Really frustrating! Is there anything I can do to give more info? I’ve followed your video and you also seem to be using the Memberstack ID. Perhaps that’s where I’m going wrong. The problem, if I use the Memberstack ID, it pulls in the ID of the person giving the review, not of the person receiving it.

Edit: I also don’t understand how you’re adding to a multi-ref field without using the Zapier Webhook - I can’t seem to add/update multi-ref fields unless I use a Webhook.


That’s usually due to:

This usually happens when your Zap is missing a required field or a field value isn’t in a recognized format.

So start there. Make sure you have all the required fields, etc…

If your “Find a Record” step is querying the Webflow CMS, then that is correct, you want to be using the Webflow CMS item ID.

The one I posted is part 4 in the series. Got back through the first 3 (they are short & quick) to see if you’re missing a step.

I’m not sure what you’re getting at. My video series walks through, step-by-step, how to add a Multi-Reference fields from Zapier. I’m not doing anything special.

Thanks for the reply Chris, much appreciated! Figured it out, I think!

I’m not sure what you’re getting at. My video series walks through, step-by-step, how to add a Multi-Reference fields from Zapier. I’m not doing anything special.

All my previous searches seemed to point to the fact that you couldn’t update multi-reference fields without first putting it through a Webhook. I went through the steps in your video and I managed to do it without using a Webhook. Not sure what the use case of using a Webhook would be. I’m building an inbox/messaging system next. Hope I can do the same thing to tell a message to belong to a user :slight_smile:

Thanks so much!


What was the solution for the other issues? Find a record, Zapier validation error, etc…

I used the CMS ID for ‘Find a record’ which wasn’t throwing up an error. I also didn’t bother with the Zapier Webhook (I did it the way you did it in the video) which stopped the Webhook error because it no longer existed. Yay! :slight_smile:

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Well done :sunglasses: @Lund_P!