[TUTORIAL] How to integrate FAQ Bot (chatbot and live chat) with Webflow

Interested in adding a chatbot or live chat capability to your Webflow site?

FAQ Bot can do both - it’s commonly used to automate customer support and can also be used for ‘conversational marketing’.

Unlike other chatbots that use complex tree structures to manage the dialog flow, you just create simple knowledge entries.
This is so much easier for content authors to manage. It doesn’t require developer skills to maintain so ROI is therefore much higher (and faster).

You can add the chatbot so that it appears as a normal chat widget (typically appears bottom right as an icon).

You can also add buttons to the web page that open the bot and ask it a specific question. This can be handy if you have common queries that people often ask. The buttons can be placed alongside relevant content and mean the visitor doesn’t leave the page to get the answer.

See this blog post on how to add the widget and these special buttons to your site

As well as the basic integration (using the custom code - footer option described in the post above), you can also do more advanced things by using Google Tag Manager.

This includes delaying the chatbot from launching which can help with PageSpeed metrics. See more here Website integration

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