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[TUTORIAL] Ideta - Integrate your chatbot in a pop-up or in an Iframe

Hello everyone!
Today, we are going to see 2 ways to integrate your chatbot into your website:

  • As a classic widget pop-up

  • In an Iframe (for a chatbot landing page for example)

Ideta is a no-code chatbot builder that allow a high level of visual personalisation. You can change logo, background images, bubble's color and more! Your chatbot can blend flawlessly with your website visual design.

Before anything

1. Step One

Go to “Publish” section and publish your chatbot

In a widget pop-up

2. Step Two

Copy the script code.

3. Step Three

Past the script into your page’s custom code section, just before “</body>”, in Webflow!

To add your chatbot to all your pages of your website, past this script into your project setting custom code.

Don’t forget to publish your website! :rocket:

In an Iframe

2. Step Two

Copy the bot’s URL.

3. Step Three

Add an embedded custom code to your page.

4. Step Four

Style your iframe and past the bot’s URL as a source.

> <iframe 
> 	style="	width:100%;
>   			height:100%;
>             border:1px #b7e3e4;"
>           src="YOUR BOT'S URL GOES HERE"
> ></iframe>

4. Step Five

Set your block size to 100% VH or to any size you want.
Don’t forget to publish your website! :rocket:

Here the recap vidéos!

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