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[Tutorial] Get Instagram followers # in a Webflow project

Hey Webflowers :webflow_heart:
I just uploaded a new short tutorial using Integromat to get the followers number on any instagram account right to your Webflow project :smiley:


I’ll test it out in a bit with my own site, thanks!

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Let me know how it goes :smiley:

Waauw nice tuturial… and how to view the last instagram image-post?
Or is it possible to view a certain number of images forvexample 6?
Thanls a lot to help me.

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Hey Karel,

I think that the JSON file from instagram lets you use anything. It is just a matter of knowing where to look in that JSON.

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thx @avivtech … do you know also how to export data to an google sheet from a form out of radiobuttons?
Also to check if the answer to the question is correct or not and give it one point for example…
I’m teacher and looking to a system to store examination questions via webflow…
for example

Integromat or Zapier are exactly what you need for that. Both are automation tools that can take almost any information from a Webflow form and put it almost anywhere you need (eg. a google sheets document)

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thanks I also found a way via mailchimp…

but via zapier and integromat I need to find it out…

@avivtech I get an error “Source is not valid JSON”. It’s a client’s instagram account and it is a public account.! Any idea what’s happening?

Screen Shot 2021-04-25 at 9.33.06 PM|690x432

Hi @yourcadence,

I can’t guess what is going on in there :slight_smile:
Can you make a video detailing the 2 modules settings?


Here’s the video recording.

Not sure if that worked, here’s a link to the video.

Unfortunately, Instagram / Facebook have changed the API and now this method does not work.