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How to create a live Instagram Feed, using Webflow CMS and Zapier

I had a frustrating time finding any information on how to set up a free Instagram integration into Webflow. Following a Webflow live stream, I set up a free integration from Instagram to a Webflow CMS with live updates. This tutorial shows you how to set up the integration and a design example of an Instagram feed in a Webflow CMS collection.

Instagram integration to Webflow using Zapier


Hey @SHAUN656

You have a question or you just showing how to create the feed?

Piter :webflow_heart:

Just showing how to create the feed, was recommend by a Webflow staff when I posted about the topic on a Facebook group. Is there some where else I should post the video?

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I’m asking because the category needs to be show&tell. Thanks for sharing with the community!!!

Okay u will change the category :slight_smile:

@SHAUN656 Hey that’s super cool !
Thanks for sharing, will dig into it :slight_smile:

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That’s great. Thanks for sharing it with us. That’s exactly what I was looking for. I have to try to do such an Instagram integration. Now, I’m working on a website for an online shop and I definitely have to include an example of the Instagram feed. The online shop I’m working with has a nice Instagram page, even though the page doesn’t have a lot of followers at the moment, the moderator found a service that provides Instagram automatic likes and comments and after a good promotion of the page, I’ll make an Instagram integration on the web site. So I hope the tutorial you shared will help me.

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Works great! Only issue I’m having is there is no still shot or photo of video uploads, just a blank space. Any ideas?

Hello aOne,

Send a read only link and I can take a look.


Another method is to use iOS shortcuts. eg. Select photo, post to insta, create CMS feed item.

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You’ll find the IG feed in the About page. Thanks for your help!

Any ideas on this? The blank space doesn’t look too pleasant on this live site :sweat_smile:

Hey Alejandro,

So the post that is not pulling through is a video post and will not work as the content has been dropped into an image element.

The quick fix would be to take a shoot from the video to be the hero and manually upload that image into the pot image spot.

If your planning to post videos regularly I would suggest adding a video element and placing it on top of the image div and set the condition to only show is video section is set. You will need to add a video URL section within the collection and then set up the video file pull through in Zapier as well, directing the content to be dropped into the corresponding Video section in the CMS collection.

hope that helps, Shaun.

Hi Shaun656, I also have the same problem with the videos. Do you happen to have a cloneable project that has both image and video elements so I can see how it works?