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Dynamically pull # Instagram Followers

Hey Webflowers!

I want to dynamically pull the # followers from my Instagram account into my Webflow site. Is there a way to do this?

Appreciate the help

You would have to do it through their api ( Zapier and Integromat have not exposed follower #s yet, so you couldn’t do it through them.

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Thanks man! Do you have more details, I’m not exactly a developer

Um, not really. It’s just something you need a developer for. It’s too complicated to explain. But you could hire a developer to do it in an hour.

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Ok thanks so much! I appreciate it

I think you should use a apps for this one . You can try zeinsta
which is free and user friendly. Thanks

Thanks @TomVeck but how does Zeinsta integrate with my Webflow site? IT just seems like a service to grow your IG following