Trying to Import Old Privacy Policy Page HTML

I’m trying to bring over our old Privacy Policy and Terms pages from a previous site. As you can imagine the code is long with many external links and so on. The Embed element doesn’t nearly support the number of characters needed and breaking into 10000 character chunks would take forever.

Is there any other option?

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Hey @Joel_Grenier,

why do you want to include your privacy policy via embed? Better use a rich text element and paste it there.

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It’s a page we previously built so I was hoping to just carry over the HTML versus having to rebuild it. I understand that I can rebuild it I’m just trying to avoid that given the HTML already exists.

I don’t think I understand your problem here.
Just copy the content of the page and paste it into a rich text. Simple as nothing.

Here is a video on how to do this:

Then remove the spacing errors contained in the original document and change the correct H tags and you’re done.

Ugh well now I feel silly. I didn’t realize the rich text element would maintain the links.

You’re golden. Thank You.

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Glad I could help. :slight_smile:

And with that a relaxing weekend to you!