Adding Privacy Policy to website

EDIT: I ended up changing the nested list’s width to 95% and that resolved the overflow issue. I’m continuing to create all the sections.


Is there a more straightforward way to add an already formatted page layout like Privacy Policy for Otio - TermsFeed, or would I have to create the sections, lists, and font/header sizing system?

I started creating the sections, headers, lists, etc., and the spacing in the mobile view appears wonky on the right margins compared to the desktop and tablet views. See the images below for examples. Creating the overarching page structure would be okay, but playing with overflows isn’t as simple as I thought!

I hoped there was a more straightforward way to add an already formatted text to Webflow.

Thank you!

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK

This is what the Rich Text Element is for. Your privacy policy source document has structure ( H1, H2, P, LI, B, etc. ) but no styling. Simply copy and paste the whole thing into an RTE.

There’s likely no value to trying to dismember the content into discrete elements the way you’ve approached it. The RTE makes that far easier to import the content, and to change it later.


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