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Trying to get rid of blue underline

I am new to webflow so still trying to figure this out. I found through a video that you can’t style a button too much so I chose the link box and then applied a gradient. Then I put a text box inside and I want to formatted the text and still have it linkable. It ignores any color I apply to the text and keeps the blue hyperlink look. Not sure what I am doing wrong? I have given it a class name and I select text color and toggle the underline button but it does’t change.

it sounds as tho you might have broken the cascade, also when you say “i put a text box inside” I am not sure if thats correct, you need a text link and apply all styles to that (gradient etc).

sorry i cannot be more specific but i am fairly new to Webflow two


post a public link to the project so someone can take a look.

also, provide more detail as to which element in particular is creating the issue.

Hi @tedserwebflow, instead of setting the link properties on the text, set that on the link box. Try that and see if it helps, Cheers, Dave

Hi cyberdave and all. Nice to see this is an active forum!

I think I tried both ways of formatting the text and the link box. Here is the link to my play around area. I am just trying to figure out what I can do here so it’s a mess design wise but there are two links you will see that are underlined (A-Z index and Future Students). Somehow I managed to make A-Z not blue but couldn’t with the other and when I change the text color nothing happens. I would prefer to make a text style button with actual text instead of an image.