Sorting (filtering)

Does anyone use the F’in Sweet js for sorting? Webflow Sort - F'in sweet CMS Library

It works well and accurately with text (A>Z), except it’s sorting my numbers in descending order (9>0) instead of ascending order (0>9).

I have a field with the order I want them to go in, it’s the sort called “Most used first”: Services

I tried a Number field and a Text field, both produce the same results.

What am I missing?

  • Is there a way to set asc vs desc order when sorting?
  • Is there a better way to sort?

Read only link: Webflow - The Sports Injury Clinic

Same question here, does anyone know how to do the filter button for ascending and descending order?

Oh, I actually found a solution from f’in sweet

Worked for me and I added it to our studio library of solutions =)