Allow users to sort (large) CMS list by date

I have been searching for a way to allow users to sort a CMS list by date.

I have found this script by Finsweet (Sort items in a Webflow CMS dynamic Collection List), but my CMS list is large (400+ items) and the script doesn’t work well with large CMS lists.

It sorts, but only the items on the page, not the entire CMS list.

Has anyone found a solution to this?

Are you paginating the list?
A few approaches-

If you’re using Finsweet’s tools, you should be able to use CMS Sort with CMS Load, and they should work intelligently together to achieve what you want.

If they don’t, you can do this manually, but you need access to all of the content in order to sort across the entire list.

One way to do that is to Use multiple CL’s on the page, ranged 1-100, 101-200, etc.
You’d need a small script to “merge” them, and then a small script to sort them.