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Alphabetical sorting case-sensitive any solution?

Hi there
I have a sorting issue because of upper and lower case names in a CMS collection.
I found some topics already but no solution to change this.

Anyone an idea how to ignore the case-sensitive sorting?

Hi there,

Yes there’s currently a quirky behavior where lower case and upper case letters are treated differently.

In this case you can use a workaround of creating 1 extra collection field you are using. For example, if you are alphabetically sorting names and some of them start with lower case, you can create a second field where all of the names use the same casing for sorting.

The first Name field would be the correct casing and would be bound to your text element, while the second duplicate Name field could all be the same casing and be used strictly for sorting the names.

I know this workaround isn’t ideal, but it should help unblock you until we can get this resolved.

I hope this helps :bowing_man:

Of course this is possible but as you told not ideal.
Only for the sorting an extra field is bad for usability when i can sort by name.
I hope you can change this behavior soon.

Thanks for your replay.


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