Troubleshooting bigCommerce->webflow move on godaddy

Small business owner, non-techie question here.
I am moving my website over from bigcommerce to webflow. My current domain is purchased/managed on godaddy. I followed the tutorial/video which had me go to godaddy and reset DNS settings to default. (seemed to work fine), then on bigcommerce, followed workflow to add existing domain, which found my domain on GoDaddy and asked if I wanted to connect to that one, which i did. It also seemed to work fine and gave me a successfully completed message and I thought I was good to go. But when I go to website, I get a 403 error code. Website is

My original DNS records on Big Commerce looked like this:

And my current DNS records after Webflow ‘connected’ post resetting to default now look like this:

I would very much appreciate any help figuring out what to edit from here.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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I’m leaving this update and lessons learned for anyone in the future who ends up trying to do this.

TLDR - If you are a non-technical business owner, STOP, don’t do it. Or hire someone technical to do it for you.

The detail
It’s been 5 days after switching and my business is essentially shut out of its main marketing channels. Returning customers that visit my site receive a 403 error. Both GoDaddy and Webflow say my DNS is set up correctly but GoDaddy says 403 errors are Webflow’s issue. Webflow says it’s the browsers’ issue and comically recommends I just have to ask my users to clear their history, or wait for it to clear over time. Obviously, neither of these are workable solutions for a real business.

In the meantime - Because of the 403 error: google won’t let me place ads, I can’t send email campaigns because of it, nor can I post failing ads on FB without infuriating my followers.

You can see how little help you will get troubleshooting here on the forum (no replies to this message). I recommend you go straight to support instead. Or, if you are going to try to switch to Webflow from another ecommerce platform, I would consider hiring one of their experts. This doesn’t appear to be a DIY sort of thing.

Site moves can be non-trivial and can require quite a bit of knowledge about DNS and services to avoid costly mistakes. Your suggestion to hire an expert is spot on. I have been hosting and providing devops services for +25 years for enterprises and down. If anyone needs one feel free to reach out (paid gigs only).