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403 Forbidden---

trying to get a separate domain linked to a friends site. after lots of tinkering, and realizing I have to go through another service and pay them annually for DNS flattening, I’m getting, when attempting to visit her site on her custom domain, I get a 403 restricted error. underneath is says “openresty.” Anyone have this happen to them?

Hey @Edward_Cronus could you provide the domain name so we can investigate a bit further.

Thanks! which is relocating to
I’ve been trying to set the site to redirect to root but at the moment it isn’t configured to do so.

i’m going to delete the url on the webflow profile and readd it. i saw that on another thread…

hey, got everything working! thanks, sorry

Hey @Edward_Cronus Glad to hear you got it sorted. :slight_smile:

Let me know if you need any other assistance.