Mobile menu wont pop down in portrait or scroll in landscape

Hey flowers, I am struggling with this mobile menu. I have read some of the support articles but I can not get it to work by following the advice there. I have attached my public share link below but specificly I am struggling with the following

mobile menu will pop down but not scroll in mobile landscape view
mobile menu wont pop down at all when clicked in mobile portrait view

this is getting the better of me so I turn to the wisdom of the forum, thanks in advance

I’m not seeing our public share, but the issue you are seeing is likely related to setting the overflow. Try setting it to scroll. Might also need to set the z-index of your nav to a higher number.

Once you get the share link in here, can provide a better solution if this doesn’t work/only partially works.

my genuine apologies about the share link

im sure I have done something silly along the way. I thought it would be that easy also joe but for the life of me I cant get it to work.

Thanks very much for your reply

hey Joe, I deleted the menu and started again. I believe my mistake was messing with the navbar default elements by deleting a few things which are clearly needed for function. Problem solved thanks for the help.

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Glad you got it figured out! There are ghosts in the system/one small change that messes the entire element up. I have found several times that something should work only to find it doesn’t until I delete it and recreate it :slight_smile:

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