Trouble with shadow on section

Hi everyone,

I think I messed up this section. Somehow it displays a shadow even though I did not add on. Unfortunately, in Webflow Designer I don’t see this behavior only when I view or publish the site. Can someone help? (total newbie in webflow)


Hi @vhasani,

Welcome to the forum! To be able to look into this further, could you please provide us with a Read-only link to your website?


Hi, thank you so much. I hope this link works: Webflow - sustamize

The question you asked is very good. I read it carefully but could not find,
anyone to help me understand it. Anyone can describe it correctly here

HEy. Do you have trouble understanding my question or replicating the problem to understand it?

@vhasani Sorry for the delay in reply - I’m trying to find the section, just wondering if you have removed it in the meantime?