Section shows on preview but not on published site

Hi, sections are show on the preview but when i publish a website the last section is not seen. could someone take a look and help me, please?

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Domi's portfolio

and published website:

Hey there!

Can you let us know specifically what section on your site you are referring to?

Thank you!!

yes, sure :slight_smile:

this one is shown on the preview and on the website when i publish it it is not. it is in allpages → page3

It is on home page

Hmmmm :thinking:

On the published site it looks like your scroll indicator animation is not completing. With that in mind, the section you are talking about is likely there but it’s just hidden (likely behind the section above it) for some reason. I can also see that you are using some custom code to control scroll action. I would play around with the positioning settings for the “missing” section, specifically setting it to a higher z-index to see if you can make it visible. This will of course not directly solve your issue but will help you understand where to start troubleshooting. This may be something that being affected by your custom code.

Okay, thank you for the reply. I will try to work on that and if it won’t work I will try to rebuild this page from the beggining.


You’re welcome! I’ll see if I come across any additional info in the meantime. We have a highly talented community here so I wouldn’t be surprised if a few others jump in to assist as well! :grinning:

Okay, thanks!

Can I ask one more thing not related to this topic but still within this website or should I make new topic?

If it is a question not directly related to your post topic I would suggest you create a new thread to make sure your question gets the attention it needs. :grin:

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